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COVID-19 Vaccine – Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have the vaccine?  When will you get it?

Silver Pine currently does not have the vaccine. We have applied to the state to be able to received and administer the vaccine in our office however, there is a limited supply and we do not know when we will be approved and delivered the vaccine for our patients.  Please check with your local health department or one of the recommended websites listed above for availability of the vaccine.

Which vaccine should I get?  Which do you recommend

Both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines have the same mechanism of action and almost the same efficacy.  We recommend you get whichever vaccine you have access to.   

Can I get the vaccine if I have allergies?

Yes, but if you have had a severe or anaphylactic reaction to any allergies in the past then you should be monitored longer after receiving the vaccine and have an Epipen with you.

Can I get the vaccine if I want to or if I am pregnant?

Data is very limited, the initial study of women who received the vaccine and then became pregnant have not had any complications with their pregnancy.  In a small group of pregnant women that received the vaccine they experienced minor side effects, headache and local reaction.  If you choose to get the vaccine, we recommend you wait until your second trimester has started.

Can you receive the vaccine if you are presently breastfeeding?

Yes, in the initial trials breastfeeding mothers and their infants have not encountered any complications.

Doctor, are YOU getting your vaccine?

Yes, all our doctors at Silver Pine Medical Group have received their vaccine and most of our staff have started receiving their vaccines as well.

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