Patient Centered Medical Home


Important components of the PCMH

  • Planned care visits are dedicated time for clinicians to spend with patient(s) who have a chronic disease in a one-on-one or in a group/shared medical appointment format. These individualized appointments allow clinicians to work with patients on their care and treatment plan.
  • Group visits provide the opportunity for patients to receive services in a supportive environment that also motivates them to achieve better health outcomes.
  • Non-physician services may be provided by Silver Pine Medical Group Advanced Practice Providers, Nurses or Medical Assistants to target same day appointments, 24-hour access via telephone or e-mail, follow-up care, answer patient inquiries, or return patient phone calls.
  • Physicians and their staff will actively involve patients in their own care by teaching and encouraging management of their chronic illness with a plan based on evidence-based guidelines when needed.

The Physician's Role

The primary care physician’s role in the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is to provide a relationship based on patient well-being and trust. The physician will care for his patient and consult with patient’s family to ensure patient’s physical and mental healthcare needs are being met.


The Patient's Role

Patients will be provided with materials and clinical assistance so that they will be familiar with the PCMH. The ability of the patient to embrace the PCMH is crucial to their success in this new Silver Pine environment because the patient will actively participate in their own healthcare. Patient’s first step is to partner with a physician to establish a relationship to address his health care needs. Patients must actively participate in the decision making to ensure that their expectations are being met, keep all scheduled appointments & report any changes or symptoms, share concerns and questions.

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