FMLA or Disability Forms

Follow these simple instructions to submit your request:

  1. Please have the forms provided by your employer or disability carrier with you prior to logging in.
  2. Click the link below to start a new form and follow the prompts to get started.

What is the cost to have my forms completed?

  • Initial FMLA form: $30.00.
  • Initial Disability form: $30.00.
  • Updated FMLA form: $15.00.
  • Updated Disability form: $15.00.
  • Expedited FMLA form: $50.00.
  • Expedited Disability form: $50.00.

Note: Payment will be required at the time of form submission

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to complete my FMLA or Disability forms?

Your forms will be available up to 5 days after submission. If forms have been expedited your forms will be available 3 days after submission.

How will I receive my completed forms?

During request submission you will choose “email or text.” Both the email and text will contain a secure link where you can download your completed form.

Can I bring my forms into the office?

Our preferred method of submission is for you to use the link or QR code.

How can I contact a staff member to discuss my forms?

Contact a team member through Silver Pine Medical Groups main line at (586) 726-4823. Select prompt 3, then prompt 5.

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